About The Brand

Get up. Get out. Get active. was founded in 2019 as a motivational lifestyle brand to encourage everyone to live a healthier life with intentional physical activity.

A message from the Founder: Chynell Lee 
What's up GUGOGA'ers!? I often times get a lot of questions about the brand, the mission or why I even created Get up. Get out. Get active., so I wanted to drop a quick note here to explain my why. I promise I'll be short :).
2019 was one of the roughest years of my life. My love life was spiraling out of control, I was out of touch spiritually, I was unhappy with my job, my relationships with my family wasn't the best and I was [still] battling fibroids. I found it very hard to be myself, the up-tempo, ready to go, laugh and joke a lot self that I knew I had in me. Before I fell into some kind of emotional tunnel that would be nearly impossible to dig myself out of, I started going for jogs around my neighborhood. I felt so much negative energy, frustration and worry release from my body and my mind every time I'd throw my Beats x Dre headphones in, drown out the world and just run. From there I realized physical activity was key to emotional & physical health.
Now I won't go into deep health explanations that you'll likely skim over anyways. I know attention spans are short, but I will say; my family has a daunting history of cancer, I have asthma and a uterus that loves fibroids for some reason so I know my health MUST be a priority for my quality and longevity of life. On top of making better dieting choices, counseling and being in tune with my emotions, getting up, getting out, and getting active is a small pieces of a larger life puzzle that needs attention.
I don't know your life story, struggles, living conditions etc. but I know, no matter what situation you're in you body needs movement. So I built this brand to encourage you (and me) to try on your best days and your worst days. Even if you don't purchase anything I hope this message stays with you.
Get up. Get out. Get active. my friends!
With love,
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